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COVID-19 Update
COVID-19 Update

The ZolaTerra® Difference

ZolaTerra® is a plant-based cleaner that is non-flammable, non-corrosive and does not contain caustic or abrasive materials. ZolaTerra® products, even in a concentrated state, are safe for skin with virtually no odor and do not require gloves, respirators or special handling.


ZolaTerra® works on a microscopic level using micelles to safely remove all types of grime from a surface or substrate.  Simply stated, ZolaTerra® lifts grime to easily wipe, scrub and rinse it away; it even works when you’re not scrubbing! 

While using ZolaTerra® products, you'll find that...

  • You don't need gloves or a mask

  • Your skin is safe

  • Your kids and pets are safe

  • Dirt, grime and scale is loosened and lifted

  • Any surface is safe whether metal, wood, stone, fabric. (Test first on any natural wax finishes, ZolaTerra® may dull these finishes on wood; simply buff or apply more wax to restore a higher gloss.)



You won’t find toxins or chemicals in our products

X Phthalates – used for fragrances in cleaning products

    Phosphates – grease cutter, soap scum cutter

      Sodium hydroxide – lye, very corrosive

      Ammonia – polisher for glass/window cleaners and shiny things

        2-butoxyethanol – glass/window cleaners 

          Formaldehydes – air fresheners, scouring cleansers and some disinfectants

            Chlorine – mold/mildew cleaners, scouring cleansers, toilet bowl cleaners

              Triclosan – anti-bacterial hand soaps and dish soaps

                Perchlorethylene – spot removers, carpet cleaners

                  Quaternary ammonium compounds – anti-bacterial household cleaners, dryer sheets