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COVID-19 Update
COVID-19 Update

Industrial Tank Cleaning

Using ZolaTerra will remove one of the most toxic items in your building!

ZolaTerra Product Benefits & Cost Savings (when compared to alternative caustic cleaners):

Near Zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  • Will not negatively affect sensory of employees and improves workplace safety and productivity
  • Help lower Workers Comp Claims and Insurance MOD Rating over time
Non-Caustic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Flammable 
  • Reduces exposure to dangerous chemicals, creating a safer work environment for employees. 
  • Help lower Workers Comp Claims and Insurance MOD Rating over time.
    Lower Cleaning Temperature
    • 25% savings in energy (Based upon heating 100 gal (378L) of water with electricity or natural gas)
      • Additional energy and equipment repair (HVAC) savings by reducing the amount of cooling needed within the building from the heat created when cleaning
      • Eliminate the risk of damaging and pitting stainless steel, protecting and extending the life of expensive equipment
      • Reduces the carbon footprint; ZolaTerra product contributes towards the LEED Certification Points and Material and Resource Credits
      • Help lower Workers Comp Claims and Insurance MOD Rating over time
        Skin Safe, Hypoallergenic, Fragrance Free
        • No risk of chemical burns, helping to lower Workers Comp Claims and Insurance MOD Rating over time
          No Special Handling or Storage needed
          • Reduce the number and quality of recommended goggles, gloves and use of PPE’s (Personal Protection Equipment)
            • Reduce equipment cost and purchasing of specialty equipment needed to handle the ZolaTerra product
            Won’t Etch Surfaces
            • ZolaTerra Product won’t etch stainless steel or concrete if spilled (it will actually clean the concrete when rinsed/pressure washed away)
              • Creating a cleaner storage area (Eliminates the white on concrete and possibility of eroding/disintegrating the concrete)
              Eliminate Overall Odors
              • Creates a safer and more pleasant work environment, ensures no lingering odors during and after user
                • NSF (Non-Food Compound Product Registration)
                  • May also be EPA Safer Choice because it is NSF approved.  Awaiting verification by NSF who manages the EPA Safer Choice Program.
                  • USDA BioPreferred
                  • Leaping Bunny & Cruelty Free and Vegan


                    ZolaTerra offers a Customer Service & Continued Cleaning Program Improvement

                      • Multiple resources to ensuring the best and most efficient use of any ZolaTerra product based upon your current SOP
                      • Continual effort to review & recommend tweaks in your cleaning programs by product.  Minimizing costs as a stronger solution may not be needed to clean

                    Multiple quantities and larger sizes available. CONTACT US to discuss options.

                    Want to become a Distributor for ZolaTerra Products?  CONTACT US to discuss options.


                    NOTE: All ZolaTerra® products are readily biodegradable, what is being removed may not be. Dispose of waste materials according to local, state or federal laws. ZolaTerra® products should not be mixed with anything except water!

                    CONTACT US to learn about how ZolaTerra® can meet your specific cleaning needs!