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Stainless Steel Cleaner - ZolaFinish


Save over 60% in Freight Costs!

ZolaTerra® Stainless Steel Cleaner for Commercial Kitchens goes on wet to clean and remove grease, oil and odors from stainless steel leaving a fresh, clean surface. Eliminates greasy floors from overspray of oily polishes and does not collect airborne lint after use.  It cleans and removes grease, oil and  odors from stainless steel surfaces without gloves or special handling. Restores the original stainless steel finish, eliminating the need for cleaner and polish.


  • Replace 2 products (cleaner and polish) with 1
  • Save over 60% in freight costs
  • 5 gal of concentrate + water = 55 gal of cleaner (RTU)
  • Non-toxic, natural formula replaces caustic cleaners
  • NSF approved safe for food prep areas
  • No greasy residue from application overspray
  • Does not collect airborne lint on surfaces after application
  • Biodegradable 
  • No odor formula safely removes odors from grease and oil
  • Contributes towards LEED certification points & Materials and Resources Credits


Available in sizes from 32 fl oz to 55 gallon drum - Buy Now!

Multiple quantities and larger sizes availableCONTACT US to discuss options.

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Additional Information:

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