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COVID-19 Update

Customer Testimonials

Pressure Washing

Scott C., Strong Finish Painting, Asheville, NC 

We had an old church steeple to clean prior to refinishing in late November/early December.  The steeple was covered in grime on one side along with mold, moss and lichen on the other.  Brodie claimed that ZT Pro {ZolaTerra Pressure Washing Concentrate} would take care of anything on the steeple and provide a surface ready for recoating. I was very skeptical as the temperature was about 45-50 degrees and I couldn’t get my pressure washer up to the scaffold to clean the steeple. 

I mixed 8 oz concentrate per gallon with water straight from the faucet. I wet the surface with the hose and a sprayer, then used a pressurized garden sprayer to apply the ZT Pro, coating the surface completely.  I used a stiff nylon brush after about five-minute soak on the heavier areas. Then simply rinsed with the hose again.  All areas were cleaned!  I’m not easily impressed and ZT Pro impressed me with the way it cleared heavily soiled areas with very little effort on my part.  I love my pressure washer and use ZT Pro in it as well now. I know I have ZT Pro to get the job done!


Fire Restoration and Odor Abatement

Clark P., Hearns Cycle and Fitness, Asheville, NC

We had a large electrical smoke fire that covered our entire sales floor and shop in stinky black soot. ZT Pro {ZolaTerra Pressure Washing Concentrate} not only cleaned the entire area from ceiling to floor, it immediately got rid of the smoke odor!  I didn’t think I would be able to get rid of the smoke odor but ZT Pro {ZolaTerra Pressure Washing Concentrate} did the trick. You could see the soot and grime being washed away as the cleaners did their work.


Teak Furniture Cleaning

Ed L., Raleigh, NC

I have used ZolaTerra for two years cleaning our outdoor teak furniture. It is amazing how easy it is to use and there are no concerns with harsh chemicals. While cleaning the teak furniture, the run-off water also cleaned the brick patio. Great stuff. 


Bike Cleaning

Tim A., Asheville, NC

I love to mountain bike the trails of Western North Carolina.  ZolaTerra Bike Cleaner gets my bike clean without having to scrub.  The only thing I have to watch is not leaving the solution on my drivetrain too long or I will have to re-lubricate chain and sprockets.  ZolaTerra cleans the lubricant as well as it does the dirt.  No scrubbing required if you let it sit and let the foam work for about five minutes.


General Purpose Cleaner

Evy & Ed S., Queens, NY 

We want to thank you for the Zola Terra general purpose cleaner.  It has become indispensable around our house. We have never used an all-purpose cleaner that worked so well and does not smell or feel like some caustic chemical. We look forward to trying more of your ecofriendly products.


General Purpose Cleaner, Foaming Hand Cleaner

Melissa R., Raleigh, NC

WOW what a great find this has been! I have currently been using a variety of ZolaTerra products for about 2 years now. They are exceptional! I use them to clean my kitchen counters, sink, oven, shower, etc. There is no nasty smell that you get from some of the expensive name brand cleaners. I also found out from ordering the products over again that they are non-toxic so if your pet licks something on the counter you don’t have to worry. I also started using the hand soap which takes away any smell that you may have on your hands. I will definitely try other products once they come available.


Anilox Roller & Ink Cleaner

Danny D., Rustic Label Inc., Fort Mill, SC

We were introduced to Zola Terra products a few years back and have since been using their products for our daily cleaning needs.  The cleaner works great for cleaning plates, anilox rolls and general press clean up.  We also use it in our anilox sonic cleaning station.  We like that the product is eco- friendly and nontoxic and can safely be poured down the sink drain!  Brodie has went above and beyond in helping us come up with the right formulation of cleaner strength to meet our needs.  Great product at a great price!!!


Sidewalk / Mold Cleaning

E.L., Charlotte, NC

For the past three months I have been testing ZolaTerra on our sidewalk. This particular sidewalk has not been cleaned in 15 years. It was black with dirt, grime and mold. I used ZolaTerra by spraying the sidewalk until it was wet. I did not scrub or do anything else. I left it dry. When it rains it activates the ZolaTerra and cleans the sidewalk. The improvement is amazing. It is not as bright a finish as power cleaning but it also does not wear away the concrete surface due to the high pressure cleaning, it is easy to apply, it does not harm the grass or plants beside the sidewalk, it has no odor and last up to six months. What a great ZolaTerra product that is just apply and walk away. 


Makeup Brush Cleaner

Dana L., Weddington, NC

The ZolaTerra Makeup Brush Cleaner is by far the fastest way to clean makeup brushes I have found.  It quickly and thoroughly dissolves any makeup on brushes or sponges - even the blackest liquid eyeliner and dark eye shadow- and leaves my brushes clean, soft and looking brand new.  I've never seen anything like it; so impressed!  


General Purpose Cleaner

Randy C., Charlotte, NC

I never write testimonials but felt compelled to as your general purpose cleaner is the best I have ever used.  Nothing is too difficult for this cleaner.  It is absolutely amazing.  I have recommended this product to all of my family and friends.