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COVID-19 Update

Industrial & Commercial Solutions

How ZolaTerra® Works

ZolaTerra® works on a microscopic level using micelles to safely remove all types of grime, from a surface or substrate.  Simply stated, ZolaTerra® lifts grime to easily wipe, scrub and rinse it away; ZolaTerra® works even when you’re not scrubbing.


ZolaTerra® Product Benefits

ZolaTerra® is a plant-based cleaner that is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and does not contain any caustic or abrasive materials.  ZolaTerra® solutions, even in concentrated states, do not require gloves, respirators, or special handling - saving your business time and money!  ZolaTerra® products are safe for the skin with minimal odor. Using ZolaTerra® products contributes towards LEED certification points & Materials and Resources Credits.


ZolaTerra® Solutions 

ZolaTerra® can provide customized, safe cleaning solutions for all kinds of industrial and commercial applications.   We are willing to work tirelessly to develop a custom solution that meets the unique needs of your business while increasing your ROI.  ZolaTerra® can be purchased in any size container from 8 oz up to 55 gallon drums or super totes.  


275 Gallon Tote 

55 Gallon Drum

5 Gallon Pail

 1 Gallon Jug


 Applications Include:

  • Machinery Cleaning & Degreasing
  • Equipment and Part Degreasing
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing 
  • All Types of Interior and Exterior Facilities Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing  
  • Concrete Cleaning

Click here to review our ZolaTerra® Industrial Test Cases 


    Challenge us to meet your specific cleaning application needs - Contact Us!!  


    ATTENTION: All ZolaTerra® products are plant based and biodegradable, what is being removed may not be.  Dispose of waste materials according to local, state or federal laws. ZolaTerra® products should not be mixed with anything except water!