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The ZolaTerra Story

At ZolaTerra®, our passion is to make healthy, effective products for all people, plants and animals.

ZolaTerra® is a plant-based cleaner that is non-flammable, non-corrosive and contains no caustic or abrasive materials.

Our products, even in a concentrated state, do not require any gloves, respirators or special handling, as all products are safe for the skin with virtually no odor. 

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ZT PRO - Industrial Solutions

Customized, safe cleaning solutions for all kinds of industrial and commercial applications.  

Develop a custom ZT PRO solution that meets the unique needs of your business.

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Giving Back

At ZolaTerra®, we believe in supporting and sustaining our environment and giving back to our community.

This is why we give back with every online purchase.  When you buy a ZolaTerra® product, a portion of your sale goes directly to supporting a worthy cause. These contributions are shared between local causes and national organizations.

Each of us has a cause that we support and we welcome suggestions for new charitable organizations to consider

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ZolaTerra® in Action

ZolaTerra® works on a microscopic level using micelles to safely remove all types of grime, from a surface or substrate.  Simply stated, ZolaTerra® lifts grime to easily wipe, scrub and rinse it away; it works even when you’re not scrubbing. 

From general purposes to exterior cleaning to specialty brewery application to customized industrial solutions - learn about how well ZolaTerra® performs across a variety of cleaning needs!

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