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Brewery Solutions

Using ZT PRO BLAST will remove one of the most toxic items in your building!

The brewing industry requires cleaning services for areas ranging from brew tanks and spigots to facility floors and restrooms. Although all facilities want clean floors and restrooms, the challenges brewers face in cleaning their equipment are unlike those in other industries. Looking clean is not good enough. The product suffers when tanks and other facility fixtures are not cleaned correctly. Only truly clean tanks and fixtures, without lingering odors or residues and without unwanted organisms, can produce the highest-quality brew.

ZolaTerra’s ZT PRO BLAST has come on the scene to provide this level of cleanliness without harming the environment, personnel or the tanks themselves. Certified by NSF, USDA, Leaping Bunny and PETA, this green cleaner has passed test after test to prove it can remove the toughest soils and odors while protecting the environment and people.

We developed ZT PRO BLAST with specific goals in mind:

  • Make cleaning safer for brewery personnel

  • Completely clean brewery equipment with existing CIP (clean-in-place) systems

  • Clean any surface in a brewery

  • Remove unwanted odors

  • Reduce energy costs and carbon footprint

  • Reduce chemical and biological load on local sewerage districts

  • Can be used to clean tanks in wineries, distilleries, cider or anything brewed in a tank


Figure 1. Tangible Benefits of ZT PRO Blast Cleaner


  • Multipurpose cleaning capabilities, can be used anywhere in the facility
  • Non-caustic, alkaline formula
  • Lower water temperature when cleaning
  • Recommend goggles, gloves and use of PPE’s
  • Is safer for cleaning crews and the environment
  • No water flush at end of cleaning*

Cost Savings Opportunity

  • Lowers chemical and storage costs
  • Eliminates the risk of pitting stainless steel, protecting expensive equipment* 1 2
  • 25% savings in energy (Based upon heating 100 gal. (378 L) of water w/electric or natural gas)3
  • Reduces safety & specialty equipment costs
  • Potentially reduces workers’ compensation costs
  • Reduces water and sewage costs

*Craft Beverage Institute of the Southeast did not test for this claim

1 Dow Chemical Company. “Product Safety Assessment, DOW Octylpenol Ethoxylate Surfactants.” Oct 21, 2015. P. 2.



4 Based upon tests completed by Pace Analytical Services, Inc. in Asheville NC.

NOTE: ZolaTerra® products contribute to LEED Certification Points and Material and Resource Credits.


Figure 2. Intangible Benefits of ZT PRO Blast Cleaner


  • Non-caustic, alkaline formula
  • Lower cleaning water temperature
  • Reduced overall odor
  • Near Zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Rapidly and extensively biodegraded
  • Improved holding tank degradation of yeast organisms, allowing faster holding tank emptying*

Soft Benefit

  • Reduces exposure to dangerous chemicals for a safer work environment
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Creates safer work environment, ensures no lingering odors in the product
  • Will not affect sensory, improves workplace safety and productivity
  • Reduces wastewater COD (chemical oxygen demand)*
  • Reduces wastewater BOD (biological oxygen demand) and facility downtime*4

* Craft Beverage Institute of the Southeast did not test for this claim

4 Based upon tests completed by Pace Analytical Services, Inc. in Asheville NC.  


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Read the ZT PRO Brew Tank Cleaning White Paper for more details.

Check out the ZT PRO BLAST-HB Home Brew Cleaning Procedures.

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